Pre-School Enrollment


(MWF - 4's and TTH -3's)

Preschool children are exploding with expanding interests. At this age, they begin to investigate the workings of a widening world and experiment with their emerging use of language. 


Our preschool program is a 9-month program based on the Yorkville School District's calendar. The three year old class meets on Tuesday-Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30. The four and five year old class will meet on Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 9:00-11:30. 


We Grow Kids Preschool is a discovery-based learning experience that gives each individual child the opportunity to move through specially designed learning centers. The cirriculum focuses on learning basic concepts and skills through hands-on experiences and activities. 


Enrolling your child at a We Grow Kids involves three steps:

1.) Request that the center director contact you. 

2.) Visit the school to learn about our programs, and discuss your enrollment needs. 


3.) Complete an enrollment packet- available at We Grow Kids.


We Grow Kids Childcare. 101 Garden Street. Yorkville, IL. 60560  630-553-7000